Baby Steps

"If you weren't gay, you would have a normal family!"
"What is a normal family?!"
The Moment

"This is a love letter for Taiwan, written using fifty years of cinematic history."

"A daughter is a father's lover from a previous life, so your name will be 'Eileen'."
Wansei Back Home

"I am Japanese, but Taiwan is my home."
Panay: Children of the Sun

"I hope that every child under the sun can use their own language to loudly sing their own songs."
The Laundryman

"We clean not only your clothes, but also, the stain in your life."
Fly, Kite Fly!

"Nature does not belong to us humans, we need to learn to share the land with other creatures."
Welcome to the Happy Days

"You don't think of this place as a business, you think of it as a home."