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北美巡迴見面會 — 溫哥華搶先特映
North America Special Tour - Vancouver

• Saturday, Oct. 29 -- 3:30pm
Landmark Cinema (New Westminster) 映後有神秘嘉賓見面會

• Sunday, Oct. 30 -- 3:30pm
Vic Theatre (Victoria) 映後有神秘嘉賓見面會

• Monday, Oct. 31 -- 7:00pm
Hollywood 3 Cinemas (Surrey) 映後有神秘嘉賓見面會

• Wednesday, Nov. 2 -- 8:30pm
VanCity Theatre (Downtown) 映後有魏德聖導演座談會

• Thursday, Nov. 3 -- 7:00pm
Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (Vancouver) 映後有魏德聖導演座談會

All showings will have English subtitles. This film has not yet been rated by the B.C. Film Classification Board. Viewers must be 19 years of age or order to be admitted.




《52Hz, I love you》 孤單的人,我愛你。

The very first Taiwanese musical movie
will fill your heart with sweet melody and the courage to love!

Have you heard of the 52 Hertz Whale?
This whale, discovered in the north Pacific Ocean, has an unique song that greatly exceeds the average whale's sound wave frequency, making him unable to receive the call of its kind. These twenty years, the 52 Hertz whale has swam the oceans, singing a song no one else can hear but himself, making him the world's loneliest whale.

"52 Hertz" is a lonely voice, a voice that needs to be heard.
In modern society's urban ocean, there are too many people who are lonely just like the 52 Hertz whale! But loneliness shouldn't be this life's end; perhaps someday the 52 Hertz whale will hear a reply from faraway. Let us have a little more courage, a little more romance, and accompany him in his search...

"52Hz, I love you"